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Product Feature:
Suffering from stress? Fight fatigue and help combat depression with Golden Root. Athletes like the stamina-building properties of Golden Root, and this arctic native has been used to fight infection, anemic conditions and heart problems, while helping to enhance mental clarity and sexual function. The herb may also be useful for fighting fat!
Product Description:
Plant Original: Rhodiola rosea L.
Appearance: Red Brown Fine Powder
Main Components: Salidroside, Rosavin, Rosavins
Skyherb can provide the specifications of Rhodiola rosea extract as follow:
Contents Specification   Test Method
Rosavin + Salidroside
Rosavin 5%/Salidroside 3% HPLC
Rosavin 3%/Salidroside 1% HPLC
Rosavin 2%/Salidroside 1% HPLC
Total Rosavins + Salidrosdie
Rosavins 5%/Salidroside 3% HPLC
Rosavins 3%/Salidroside 1% HPLC
Salidroside 5%                       HPLC
Salidroside 3%                       HPLC
Special request
Rosavin 1%~10%                   HPLC
Rosavins 1%~15%                 HPLC
Salidroside 1%~10%              HPLC
  With good water solubility. The proportion of Rosavin/Total Rosavins and Salidroside can be adjusted according to customer’s request.
Packing: 1~5kgs/drum, 25kgs/drum
Lead Time: Within 10 Days
Shelf Life: 36 Months

Product Origin: zhejiang
Model Number: -
Brand Name: skyherb

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